Cart Delivered

How It Works


Customer places an order

Once registered as a customer you are ready to begin placing orders.

Create a grocery list (we recommend going to Grocery iQ - From the app choose the option to "Email List" and send it to In your order email specify the store you want your groceries from Request a delivery time (most orders are delivered in 3 hours or less unless otherwise requested)

*NOTE: someone must be present to receive and pay for groceries, orders must be received by 6 pm for same day delivery and 10 pm is the latest time a delivery time can be requested.

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Driver / shopper delivers groceries

  • An independent courier will pick your groceries from the store you designate, and then deliver the groceries to your home within the timeframe you requested.
  • Out of stock items: the independent courier will go to the grocery store and pick as many of the items as are in stock at that store at that time.
  • Substitute Items: You can also request that substitute items be chosen should one of your items be out of stock. (example: you request a gallon of 2% Hiland Dairy Milk but it is not found. Would you like to substitute a gallon of 2% store branded milk, or a gallon of 1% Hiland Dairy, or a ½ gallon of 2% Hiland Dairy, or forgo purchase?)
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FAQ - Learn About Our Payment Process

How does the shopper pay for groceries at the store?
Our shoppers are responsible to choose how they want to pay for groceries either by using their own cash, check or credit card.
How does the customer pay for the groceries once the shopper has delivered them to the house?
CartDelivered provides shopper/drivers with PayPal readers to plug into their smart phones.
What does CartDelivered do with my credit card information?
CartDelivered does not record your payment information; rather it is stored behind PayPal's firewall.
How do shoppers get paid by CartDelivered?
CartDelivered requires drivers to create a free PayPal account, and will use PayPal to send money electronically to them.
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